Who am I?

I’m a biologist, writer, and amateur photographer, although you could probably figure out all of those things just from looking at my posts.

My scientific training is on the ecology/evolution/behavior side of things, with a specific focus on marine invertebrates (because they’re cool, that’s why). For my doctorate, I studied the sex lives of marine snails (the sex-changing slipper-shell snails Crepidula fornicata and Crepidula convexa). It’s a little-known fact that snails and slugs have quite exciting sex lives—it’s worth looking into, either in your garden or via online or hardcopy resources.

In addition to my scientific papers, I’ve published over twenty stories and poems in online and print literary journals and anthologies. Not surprisingly, a fair number of them have something to do with biology or animal life.

Although I have mixed feelings about animals being in captivity, and while I’m always on the lookout for nature wherever I find it, the proximity of my apartment to the National Zoo (and the fact that the zoo is FREE!) has made it a regular destination for me. Eventually I told my partner, friends, and family enough anecdotes about it—and showed them enough pictures from it—that they encouraged me to start up a blog.

Although, come to think of it, that might have just been a way to stop me from bugging them…

- Olivia V. Ambrogio

Links to some of my creative work online:

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“The Handless Maiden (revisited)” – Cabinet des Fées
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“The Mushroom Incident” – Café Irreal
“The Elephant in Bars” – Greensilk Journal
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