Why, yes, I did take these photographs

As someone whose entire photographic training consists of one college course in black-and-white photography and a lot of hours spent inhaling fixative fumes in the Oberlin photo co-op's darkroom, it's very gratifying to have people ask me whether I actually took the photos in this blog--since I assume it means people like the pictures.

But it occurred to me that I should try to be more clear about that on the blog, first in order to make sure that no one just takes/copies/uses the photos without my permission, second to make sure no one thinks I steal other people's photos and don't attribute them, and third in the hopes that I'll get accolades and be swamped with demands for my images in exchange for thousands of dollars. (Well, I can hope.) If you are interested in purchasing cards or prints with my photos, click on the cleverly-titled tab ("Buy Cards or Prints") to be directed to sites allowing you to do just that.

In any case: all the text and images on the site are mine, except for the blog's title, which I stole from Shakespeare. But then, doesn't everybody?

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