Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Misanthrope" Is My Middle Name

(Only I spell it with a V.)

[this is not the Scarab of Misfortune
for Stupid People,
but it should be]

I was in a bad mood this morning; it might have had something to do with having to partially disassemble a futon and move it into the bedroom before 9am, though I’m willing to consider other explanations as well. I took a walk in the zoo to cheer myself up, but I wasn’t able to leave the house until 10:30am or so, by which point the zoo was already chock-full of humanity—or humans at least.

Well, no one likes crowds. But I also don’t like people. Some people, sure, but I think you’ll agree with me that, as a species, we’re not so great. (History and politics bear me out on this quite well.) After I had dealt with not only the press of people but overhearing two different sets of visitors arguing, respectively, about whether the frogs in a pond and prairie dogs in their enclosure were "real" (did they miss the big “Zoo” sign out front??), I had had enough, so I gave up on trying to get near the exhibits and focused again on the greenery and the beasts I might find within it.

It worked out pretty well; I got more space, and no one hung around making asinine comments.

[Is that bug real??]

{A note: I do write all text and take all pictures. Please do not reproduce either without my permission.}


biobabbler said...

oh, just lovely. =) Great way to adapt. That is one, gorgeous, leggy fly! wow. Total Rockette.

Yes, some things one overhears are stumpers, then I just assume that most of the information (or lack thereof) in their brain is from television, hence stupendous and pretty much unfounded fear of nature (99.99% of the time re: wildlife, it's dull out there, hence filming for 5 years for a 45 minute documentary).

Once at a Feed 'n' Seed kind of store, a customer asked the owner how to care for a chicken. She'd been given one and had no idea. After he gave a few broad pieces of advice, I couldn't resist. I proceeded to tell her that there were great books in the library (for free, imagine!) on raising chickens. Tell you all you need to know.

Books. Who knew?

Anca said...

Libraries? Books? Aren't they obsolete? Didn't the new chicken owner have a smart phone that would tell her all she needed to know? That Japanese beetle, pretty but bad news, by the way--not its fault!

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