Friday, June 11, 2010

Flamingo Friday: Reflections

I never thought I'd have an obsession with flamingos, but ever since I came upon their outdoor habitat and saw the whole flock of them at rest, each one perched aesthetically on one leg with its head tucked beneath its wing, that was it. It is, I admit, an entirely visual obsession--there's nothing pleasant about their raucous honking or, worse, the eye-wateringly foul (fowl?) scent of their guano that on bad days blows towards visitors in a choking wave.

But they're just so damn pretty.

P.S. Several of the flamingos are nesting now, and I'm hoping that some of the eggs will be viable and will hatch (stay tuned). By the way, what's the appropriate term for a baby flamingo? A flamingling? A flamingette? A flamingino?


Anonymous said...

I like the word "flamingling".

Anca said...

How about flamingeleh?

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