Friday, August 6, 2010

Flamingo Friday: I’m Ready for My Close-Up

Actually, there are very few avian Norma Desmonds in the flamingo enclosure, so most of them are neither ready to be photographed nor interested in posing. But I take pictures of them anyway, mwahahaha!

What I like best is capturing their yellow eyes, or the details of their beaks (which are quite something—more on those another Friday).

And every now and then I’ll end up with a shot that later gives me pause: there’s something about the manic glint in this flamingo’s eye that makes me a little uneasy—makes me wonder if this bird has something against William Holden, for example.

It’s never film noir with flamingos, though; maybe film rose?

["I am big. It's the pictures
that got small."]


Anca said...

Hmm... There's something to be wondered about here in these flamingo photos, since it was Gloria SWANson who played Norma Desmond...
(Anthony, disguised as Anca)

Anca said...

The beaks are fashion statements! They match the inner color of the wings when spread out. Paris has got nothing on flamingos.

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