Friday, August 20, 2010

Wild Wildlife Returns!

Actually, it’s always there; it’s just that I only rarely get good pictures of these other animals and/or write entries about them. But lately I’ve been seeing a lot of birds and insects around the zoo, and luckily for me, at least some of them behaved photogenic-ly.

The monarch above was hanging around the milkweed behind the invertebrate house, just on the outside of their butterfly house. A few people leaving the exhibit were worried that the monarch had escaped from inside. (To my mind, they should be more worried about the children and adults in the butterfly house who try to catch the butterflies.)

And this mysterious bug (well, mysterious only because I don’t know what it is) appeared to be watching the elephants:

And these ladybugs were trying to have an intimate moment when I voyeuristically interrupted them:

This catbird had a very involved preening session near the otter enclosure:

And this goldfinch was very intent on getting every last seed out of these coneflowers:

And this bee, while she moved too fast to be really obliging, did pose herself alongside a beautiful waterlily:

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