Friday, May 9, 2014

Flamingo Friday: Every day is like pun-day

What do birds wear to the beach?


No need to thank me.

{A note: I do write all text and take all pictures. Please do not reproduce either without my permission.}


biobabbler said...

Is that flamingo doing an eye roll after you shared that little gem? =) Cute. Great shot, too--amazing lighting.

If you wanna pun early next week, the MOMENT I read your post title, "Just Another Manic Pun-Day" came to mind, so...

Olivia V. Ambrogio said...

Oooh, I like it!
(Also, title inspired by a Morrissey song, so I'm already in the mood for puns based on songs about days of the week. But then, who isn't??)

biobabbler said...

Oh, Morrissey... how lovely. =)

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