Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy images that are animal synecdoches, and I thought it might be fun to present a few of these to you and let you play Guess That Animal. (You don't have to play; you can just look at the pictures if you're not that kind of person.) None of them should pose too much of a challenge, although some of them are photos of animals from elsewhere than the zoo. Ready? Excellent.
















That's all, folks.


Unknown said...

Oh no! But where's the answer key?!

Olivia V. Ambrogio said...

Whoops. Here you go:
1. Starfish (arm)
2. Iguana (skin)
3. Red-tailed hawk (tail/feet)
4. Snapping turtle (eyes)
5. Domestic turkey (head under wing)
6. Humpback whale (mouth)
7. Peacock (tail from behind)
8. Sheep (hoof)
9. Snowy egret (feet)
10. Aldabra tortoise (foot)
11. Donkey (eye)
12. Flamingo (feathers)
13. Lionfish (fin)
14. Panda (rump)
15. Mudskipper (eyes)

Unknown said...

I didn't do too badly! And I'm excited I got the starfish one right (in fact, when I figured it out last night, I exclaimed, apparently rather loudly and in the middle of some reality show Star was enjoying, and she glared at me. I remain excited nonetheless!)

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