Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Too Darn Hot

[a basking boar]

Yes, I understand that it’s summer in DC; enough people have told me about the season—in what I consider to be overly smug tones, I might add—that I knew it would be hot and muggy until September. But in the past few days temperatures have reached near-record highs across the entire east coast, DC included, and I can complain if I want to, dammit: it’s really HOT.

Most of the animals at the zoo seem to feel it, too (though not all—stay tuned for more aviary reports). Only humans like me are dumb enough to deliberately wander around outside in order to look at other animals looking hot—or trying to stay cool, as in the case of this peccary (aka javelina), which decided to lie indoors where the air was cool and the light was low and I couldn’t get a decent photo of it.

Of course, if you’re an animal with a certain degree of ingenuity, and a trunk, you can also do things to make yourself cooler.

If spray doesn’t work, there’s always the total-submersion method.

And once you feel refreshed enough to get some energy back, why not engage in some water sports?

I’d write more, but I was taking those photos in full sunlight, and I think I need a cold shower. Or possibly an ice bath.

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Anca said...

It's horribly hot in Detroit, too. The dog and I nearly got heat stroke walking mostly in the shade this morning. He came home and sacked out in front of the AC vent, no doubt thinking, my person is crazy. She pulls me by the neck in the heat.

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