Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leaping Lemurs!

What I like best about lemurs is their capacity to appear scandalized.

And then completely bored:

I don’t know much about their behaviors or personality, since I rarely see them, and when I do, they’re almost always sleeping in the shade of their little huts-on-stilts in their enclosure.

I did see one being active once:

But maybe that was its year’s-worth of energy expenditure, because I haven’t seen anything like it in the months since.

[the end]


Anca said...

I suspect being around people bores them to no end. They leap only for each other and, rarely, for your camera.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We are not all gifted with being entertaining unfortunately.

Kathleen Cunningham said...

I recommend Gerald Durrell's "The Aye-Aye & I," about lemurs in Madagascar, or any of Durrell's animal loving, well written, & very funny books about his travels, his zoo on Guernsey, & love of animals. I especially like, "My Family and Other Animals," about his childhood living in Crete with his quirky British family (including his older brother, Lawrence Durrell).

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