Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guess What I Saw At the Zoo Yesterday

Admittedly it’s not as much of a news flash as if I’d seen Jimmy Hoffa there, but—I saw the lion cubs! All seven of them! (From two litters.) And they were pretty adorable. I’m waiting to see whether they’re out today and I can get better pictures of ‘em before I post too much about the sighting, but I will tell you that:

1. Mother lions like to gnaw on their young in a maternal sort of way.

2. Even cute cubs eat disgusting viscera from some prey animal.

3. Some lion cubs try to eat other things.

4. Lion cubs have trouble understanding the presence and function of stairs between one level of the enclosure and the other, and, when perplexed, make a surprisingly deep noise halfway between a yowl and a cough—sort of an “AAaaooww!”

Stay tuned for more breaking news. (You never know; I might find out the cubs were eating Jimmy Hoffa.)

{A note: I do write all text and take all pictures. Please do not reproduce either without my permission.}

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Anca said...

They are cute, in a somewhat frightening way. Do keep us posted about Jimmy sightings:). He was frightening but not in such cute ways, and he probably ate viscera or at least spilled them once in a while.

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