Friday, July 30, 2010

Flamingo Friday: Geometry

One of the many things I like about flamingos is that they create so many interesting angles and curves as they rest on one leg or preen or eat or snarkily bill at one another.

Sometimes they form just a single lovely line:

And sometimes they end up making repeating curves:

But there’s always a fascinating aesthetic pleasure to their shapes, even if they make them while in a moment of ungainliness (of which they have many—how many other birds regularly lose their footing and bump into one another?). It makes me wonder again whether flamingos are awkward birds that demonstrate moments of gracefulness or graceful birds that exhibit (sometimes frequent) moments of awkwardness.

Hard to say. Maybe I should just take the pictures and quit philosophizing.

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Anca said...

These photos are simply gorgeous. These birds don't know, I'm sure, that their color and shapes inspire joy.

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